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Greg has decades of experience helping guide couples towards mutual satisfaction within their relationships, as well as various other areas of their lives. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions, which is why he personalizes the strategies used for each individual situation.
You can heal from an affair and be happy again
 Learn how to stop the arguing and conflict
Have a greater understanding of one another starting now
You can have a more satisfying and connected sex life

 Counseling for: Couples * Marriage * Premarital * Sex * Uncoupling  

           Greg works with numerous People of Color!

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Join Greg weekly as he tackles tough topics & challenges his listeners to entertain different points of view.


Greg offers a variety of self-help courses to heal and ignite your life and relationship!


Most recently Love, Sex & Everything In Between: A Relationship Guide, Enhanced Edition to help you get and keep the connection and passion!


Greg is available for individual and couples counseling. Learn more about his therapy services today.

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“Greg is absolutely amazing. He has helped me through many many hard times and difficult heartbreaking relationships among many other things going on with my life and my anxiety/depression. I have been going to him on and off for years. He really gets to the core of what’s going on within you and is straight up and honest. I can’t thank him enough for everything he’s done for me. I highly recommend him. He makes the sessions professional, comfortable, welcoming, and relaxing and also makes it feel like you’re just talking to one of your friends. He truly cares and wants to help anyone he can.”

Brittany D.

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