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Greg Dudzinski, MS, LPC

Greg Dudzinski is known as Love Guru Greg, a Licensed Professional Counselor, Relationship and Sex Specialist.  His passion is helping couples become more emotionally and physically connected than they have ever experienced!  He does this with care, compassion, and results! Greg also uses humor to engage and make his audience laugh.
Greg has been on Ch 4 NBC Detroit, Ch 7 ABC Detroit, written for The Detroit News,, and Live Magazine. He has also contributed to numerous Huffington Post articles.  His first book Seize That Total Connection: Achieving the Emotional & Sexual Relationship You Crave was released in 2015, and his follow-up book: The Relationship Guide: Tools to Ignite Love & Intimacy was released in October 2017. Greg’s latest book: Love, Sex & Everything In Between: A Relationship Guide was released in October 2022.
Greg also hosts his live show: The Art of Relationships Show. Along, with numerous speaking engagements, and teaching college courses, he loves helping others have the relationship they crave, plus enabling individuals to reach self-love and self-respect.
Greg’s essence is helping couples obtain that “TOTAL CONNECTION” where the mind, body, heart, and soul meet harmoniously.  It’s the very premise of the counseling he provides!  Not only does specialize in relationship challenges, Greg also works with grief and Trauma/PTSD issues. 
The “Relationship” in Greg’s business name not only refers to romantic relationships but involves the relationship you have with yourself. It encompasses your sense of self, and self-esteem, and helps you grow into the person you desire to be! Ultimately, it is his purpose to help improve your relationship, marriage, or personal life; while decreasing your frustrations so you can live a happier and more fulfilling life!
Greg’s services are prided on discretion, non-judgment, and being results-oriented!
Most importantly, Greg does not place “band-aids” over your difficulties; he strives to help you grow and instill healthy changes that last a lifetime! Greg works at applying the fewest amount of sessions possible while guarding against a return of negative feelings or behaviors if the proverbial “shit hits the fan” down the road! 🙂 Greg provides a down-to-earth and very safe atmosphere, along with flexible scheduling.

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