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Couples Counseling & Coaching

I have decades of experience helping guide couples towards mutual satisfaction within their relationships, as well as various other areas of their lives. There is no one-size-fits-all solutions, which is why I personalize the strategies used for each individual situation.

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I often help in your communication by “translating.” Many conflicts are due to the misunderstanding of emotional content. Though my primary practice is relationships, I do offer other services as well. Our relationships can be greatly affected by other things in our life, outside of the relationship itself, so it is important that we address these things as well.

I have helped thousands of couples over 2 decades.


I am a Michigan LPC, and a National Board Certified Counselor and Published Author.


My newest book, “A Relationship Guide” will help you have the relationship you crave! This book prides itself on helping you get the “Total Connection!” This is where the mind, body, heart, and soul are intertwined into the relationship you’ve always desired! Of course, nothing is perfect.: ) Love, Sex & Everything In Between discusses sex, insecurities, and personal growth, along with strategies to reach one another emotionally and physically. You’ll laugh, perhaps be shocked, and gain insights into having a dynamic relationship! I am humbled to be recognized as Detroit’s Love Guru and have written this book as an improvement to my previous book The Relationship Guide. Since I am all about constant growth and improvement, I wanted to give readers more tools and thought-provoking insights to help improve their love lives. This book is dedicated to all of those who crave having a terrific, romantic, loving, and passionate relationship! It’s for the married, cohabiting, or in a new relationship. PLUS this is for single people seeking and maintaining a fantastic and sexually fulfilling relationship!

If you are struggling in your relationship, please allow me to help.

“Greg is absolutely amazing. He has helped me through many many hard times and difficult heartbreaking relationships among many other things going on with my life and my anxiety/depression. I have been going to him on and off for years. He really gets to the core of what’s going on within you and is straight up and honest. I can’t thank him enough for everything he’s done for me. I highly recommend him. He makes the sessions professional, comfortable, welcoming, and relaxing and also makes it feel like you’re just talking to one of your friends. He truly cares and wants to help anyone he can.”

Brittany D.

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