28 Days to Ignite Your Relationship


You can reignite your relationship! Are you bored, unhappy, or just want to wake up your relationship or marriage? Feeling like your marriage or relationship is dead and over? STOP! 28 Days to Ignite Your Relationship will show you how to start that passionate fire again!



Do you want that relationship you’ve always craved? Then 28 days is the program is for you! It is a self study program that I’ve designed to help you dig deep, get more emotionally connected and have the passion back in your relationship or marriage!

SPICE UP YOUR RELATIONSHIP and have that connection you crave! Learn to become closer and deeper emotionally than you’ve ever imagine possible! Get rid of those tit-for-tat battles, the feelings of isolation and that you don’t “get” one another! Come away feeling more in love, more desiring, more sexual, and having that emotional connection!

You will also gain a greater sense of self and love yourself more as an individual!


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