Healing After An Affair – Self Study Program


Cheating or an Affair found out, just rips your heart and soul apart! You can’t breathe, eat, sleep. I fully understand! There are so many damaging myths about this, please let me help you heal and rekindle the trust, loyalty and love you once shared!








❤️ Reconnecting Stronger, Deeper, Authentically, and Intentionally
❤️ Learning three elements that need to be in place to start the healing
❤️ Understanding the stages you are in: from Crisis Mode impulses, trauma, devastation, anger, and pain to the Healing Stage
❤️ Knowing what Questions are needed to promote healing and the importance of having a purpose in the questions being asked.
❤️ Possible Causes and Kinds of Affairs (never to be condoned or excused for cheating)
❤️ Yes, there are many Cheating Myths out here in the world that cause more harm
❤️ Understanding The “Three Couples of Affairs” and which one do you want to be.
❤️ Putting tools in place that cements the Recommitting to the Relationship
❤️ The importance of Accountability needs to be set in place
❤️ Reaffirming the Trust Building and What Actually Helps!
❤️ How to get the Images of the Affair out of your head
❤️ Healing the residuals of cheating: embarrassment, depression, grief, guilt, uncertainty….
❤️ Reconnecting Deeper, Stronger, Authentically, and Intentionally in your relationship or marriage.