Healing After An Affair – Self Study Program


Cheating or an Affair found out, just rips your heart and soul apart! You can’t breathe, eat, sleep. I fully understand! There are so many damaging myths about this, please let me help you heal and rekindle the trust, loyalty and love you once shared!








Reconnecting Stronger, Deeper, Authentically, and Intentionally
Three elements that need to be in place after an affair is discovered
Crisis Mode going from impulses, trauma, devastation, anger, pain to healing
Questions need to have a purpose in creating an opportunity to heal
Possible Causes and Kinds of Affairs (never to be condoned or excused for cheating)
Cheating Myths
The Three Couples of Affairs
Recommitting to the Relationship
Accountability Set in place
Trust Building and What Actually Helps!
Getting the Images of the Affair out of your head
Healing the residuals of cheating: embarrassment, depression, grief, guilt,
Reconnected Deeper, Stronger, Authentically, and Intentionally