Do you have an idea of what sensuality entails, or what it means? Everyone has that smirk on their face, contemplating their last sexually fulfilled experience.
Wait, that may be partially true. 😉

However, are you sensual outside of the sexual realm?

Are you confused now?
Yes, sexual should definitely include and even enhance the sensual realm!  Though sensual needs to be clearly defined and examined and I will break it down into two parts: Emotional and Physical.


Being sensual involves affirmations, compliments, and verbal expressions of “I’d love to hold you so damn close until I can’t breathe!” or simple love notes. Emotional sensuality involves massaging your loved one’s emotions, self-worth, and level of importance to you! Included in this is doing what it takes to make sure you have one another’s back, not talking smack or negative aspects about each other to outsiders (including family members and friends!)

The emotional part of sensuality envelopes those items above, plus being lost in each other’s eyes where you can feel the love and desire for one another!

What are you doing to be emotionally sensual to your loved one?

Seduction revisited

Ladies, be honest……how many would love your man/partner to remove your panties with his teeth……oh so slowly as his fingers gently, yet purposely caress your thighs and even the lower region of your stomach?
Ladies, would your man/partner love it if you unfasten his belt with purpose as you kiss and lick his stomach and hip bones? Gently gliding your hands across his groins…..
Seduction is purposeful; it is intentional, even if in a teasing way. Seduction mixed with love and lust creates bonding in its deepest and primitive form and in the abundance of the soul…

Next, I will intertwine sensuality into this delightful purpose of sexual pleasure and emotional engulfment…..

Physical Seduction

Hmmmm, are your minds wandering? So many women have thoughts of the/a man romantically caressing them or devouring them in an animal-like fashion. They are taken away in breath and in spirit. They are pondering the ravaging acts that will bring them the pleasure that explodes their inner being……

Sensuality within the physical realm……..hmmmm…. let your mind, emotions (I touched on this before), and senses get you heated up for physical sensuality… Are you ready? I can’t hear you.

Physical sensuality is foreplay that can be carried out throughout the day, it can represent a simple touch on the leg, lower back, or even a tap on the bootie. It can consist of kisses on the neck, a deep passionate kiss out of nowhere. What about more of the senses, more touching, caressing, and massages, encompassing the entire body?

Can you imagine the visual sense? Picture it? Those deep gazes into each other’s eyes that you “use” to do. The gazes that you feel with your soul, built of passion and desire that provides that full body tingle…

What about the sensual smell, it could be the cologne or perfume, or perhaps just the naked scent of your partner… Do you crave and express this to and with your partner? Even the scent of her…..yea, that’s what I’m referring to…

Does your partner taste a little salty when you kiss your lick the skin of your partner? Yes, if you pay attention, they have a distinctive flavor… What about the taste of those deep delicious kisses, or the taste of their wetness?

How can you, or do you express these sensual essences to and with your partner? Perhaps personal growth and stepping out of your shy zone will help. Remember my post on allowing your freak (or eroticism) out?

Go ahead and grow and become more sensually mature! I dare you and I’m sure your partner would love you for it as well!!!