Sexual Intent

How’s everyone doing? Seriously, how are you really doing? How often do you ignore problems in the bedroom, or in your relationship? Well, typically if there are problems in one area, it affects the other.

How many women feel like they are just a “piece of meat” in the bedroom?

Wait, some women love to feel this way! LOL For those who do not; what are you doing about it? Ultimately this will kill your desire and sex drive altogether.

Does he have a clue what you mean by feeling treated as such? Furthermore, does he have a clue how to make you feel more loved and adored outside the bedroom? This is a crucial aspect of not feeling like a piece of meat. Your man needs to be taught, and so do you regarding each other’s emotional and physical needs and to align these on the same page.

I discuss such topics often with clients and people in general. I noted that for most of us men, sex is a way of us feeling desired, wanted, and loved. So it is emotional to men as well, most that is; though that connection needs to be bridged outside the bedroom as well. Many times in my office I’ll ask men questions like: “What’s it feel like that you can’t turn your wife (or girlfriend) on?”  “Does it suck and hurt that your wife isn’t interested in sex with you?”  “Boy, that must be tough dealing with the feelings that your wife (or girlfriend) isn’t turned on by you?”  By going directly after the jugular in most men’s hearts, often tears begin to develop. I then direct the woman and ask: “Look at him. Does it look like sex is just physical to him?”

This gives proof that for most men, sex is about feeling connected emotionally as well as physically.

As I stated above, the goal is to teach each partner to learn about each other’s perceptions, feelings, and intent surrounding sex inside their relationship.