Societal Love

When I think of love, I often get bewildered by its definition and meaning. I mean, really is it about sharing and being there for each other?  Love to me is about feeling emotionally safe to express your true essence, who you really are! You can fart in front of each other, then joke about it, laugh and play with each other, plus wipe away your lover’s tears of sorrow. Love is feeling at home in each other’s arms, yet also being one’s self independently of the other.

My view gets shaken by many other’s definitions of love and commitment to one another, thus my use of the term “bewildered” above. This is where I piss many people off. I have discussed this on my radio show as well. Go ahead, be pissed, and angry and call me names!  I’m an adult and confidently humble, so go ahead with your biased remarks; I can handle them.

Love is not material

Here I go, since when did “LOVE” mean the requirement of a minimum two or three-carat diamond ring? Does love dictate that you spend $50,000 or more on your wedding, or that a 4,000-square-foot house secures your love for one another? There are too many TV shows depicting these lifestyles. I’m also curious if there happens to be a financial downturn and if that love will still exist.

Yes, throughout time, this issue has been discussed thoroughly, though keeps me reconnecting with my definition and meaning of love above. Is it a status symbol to boast your spouse’s potential or earnings, or how much you would receive in child support or alimony if you divorced?  There are too many hungry and poor people in this world to place love on the auction block. Yet, many people do. Men shell out a ton of cash for that arm candy and women swoon to wealthy men who promise to raise their elite status. Is this what love is really about?

I’ll stick with my definition in the first paragraph. I want true love, genuine love, where we feel one another’s souls as we kiss passionately. Where we may argue once in a while, though are there for each other’s tears and sorrowful times. I want the love that makes me tingle all over when we make love. I refuse to treat love as a price tag or a status symbol, for those only offer shallow rewards. I want the deep, real, true essence of my definition of love………